Irish-Indian Cultural Association’s (IICA) vision is to maintain, preserve and promote Indian culture and its universal values for Indians and the Irish community through collaboration and service by undertaking community initiatives.

We (IICA) as an organization of Indian Origin people, strive to showcase the rich heritage of Indian culture. We are committed to work under the 3C model of “Community, Culture& Charity”.

  1. Community – Uniting people of Indian origin in Ireland
  2. Culture – Promoting traditional values to shape the next generation
  3. Charity –  Helping those who are in need

One of the initiatives that we undertook in 2015 is Sri Rama Navami under the Banner of “Sri Rama Seva Samithi“ (SRSS), which was a huge success and a corner stone for building, promoting events and festivals embracing rich heritage by bringing ancient rituals to the modern era for spirituality and happiness.

“SRSS” is now established as a brand under “IICA” umbrella and will be an annual event going forward for years to come along with focusing on serving the Indo–Irish community.
We are in the process of identifying a permanent location for operating our activities and in the meanwhile we would like to start the activities on a temporary rented accommodation.